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Glutathione S Transferase

GSTP1 313 A>G



GSTP1 Gene Detail

Oxidative stress is a risk factor shared by most disorders implicating GST, and it appears that the efficiency of the GSTP1 enzyme may have an impact on the development and prognosis of diseases influenced by oxidative stress. GSTP1 is the most abundant GST subtype in the lungs and is known to metabolize many carcinogenic compounds.





GSTP1 313 A>G

Conjugation activity is 82% for AG carriers, and 70% for the GG genotype individuals.

AG genotype individuals have been associated with an increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

Female carriers of the GG genotype also appear to be prone to recurrent early pregnancy loss.

The AA variant is associated with greater risk of squamous cell carcinoma at the oesophagus with an odds ratio of 2.8 in smokers.




  • Increase cruciferous and allium vegetable intake. GST enzyme activity is induced partly by the breakdown of products from both cruciferous vegetables, DIM extract and allium vegetables.
  • GST-P enzymes have been shown to be activated by vegetable juice, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage.



Cruciferous vegetables, the GSTP1 Ile105Val genetic polymorphism, and breast cancer risk

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