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The Genetics of Health, Part 2



DNA Health: Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Bone Health, Insulin Sensitivity and Food Responsiveness


The following questions are based on information provided in the ‘The Genetics of Health, Part 2’ webinar. For each question select the correct answer. There is only one correct answer for each question.

1. Acute inflammation or inflammation in the right dose at the right time, offers benefits in contributing to our immunity, however chronic low-grade inflammation can cause tissue damage and increase our risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even mental health.

2. Which statement is true with regard to interleukin 1?

3. Complete the sentence. IL-1RN 2018 T allele is associated with _______ receptor antagonist function and _______ risk for developing periodontitis and certain cancers.

4. A randomized placebo controlled trial by Korman et al (2007) found that individuals carrying variants associated with increased IL1 expression who received a botanical extract formulation (rich in dehydroascorbate, anthocyanins and all-transresveratrol) for 12 weeks, experienced an increase in IL-1 B gene expression as well as plasma CRP levels, compared to those without variants.

5. What intervention would you most likely recommend to individuals who are positive for the Il-1 SNP?

6. Which of the following tests would you consider doing for an individual who has a high priority for inflammation on their DNA test?

7. Which statement is false with regard to oxidative stress?

8. Which statement is false with regard to the T allele of the eNOS variation in DNA health?

9. Which of the following is considered to be one of the most important selenium dependent antioxidant enzymes, expressed in almost all tissues of the body?

10. Which statement is true with regard to GPX1 Pro198Leu?

11. What dietary advice would you most likely recommend to someone carrying the T allele of GPX1?

12. Complete the sentence. Individuals carrying the CC genotype for PPARG, with a diet high in total fat and _________ , have an increased risk of high waist circumference, thereby _________  the risk of insulin resistance. ________ individuals carrying the CC genotype have a significantly higher (up to 4-fold) risk of developing diabetes and insulin resistance.

13. Individuals with the FADS1 GG genotype have been associated with abnormal lipograms and higher levels of long chain Omega 6s in the presence of a Westernised diet. Limiting intake of Omega 6 fatty acids and increasing intake of Omega 3s in their long chain form is recommended.

14. Which statement is true with regard to CYP1A2?

15. Complete the sentence. The ­­­­_____ allele for MCM6 -13910 has been associated with lactose _______in adults and individuals carrying this genotype should avoid all lactose containing products or limit intake to less than ____ lactose per day, which is considered to be the general tolerance level.

16. Individuals carrying the heterozygote HFEC282Y and H63D will almost certainly develop hereditary hemochromatosis and should commence with regular phlebotomy or blood donation on receiving these genetics results.

17. Which statement is true?

18. Which statement is true with regard to individuals considered to be non-tasters. those with AVI/AVI genotype?

19. Which statement is false with regard to the ALDHS2 rs671 A allele?

20. Which of the following are criterion for DNAlysis, when selecting what genes and SNPs should be tested and included in reports?

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